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Update: New Year’s Write Every Day Challenge

So, here we are, thirteen days into the new year, and I’m writing another blog post! I’ve been doing my writing every day thing and it’s working out nicely. I took my friend Janet’s suggestion about including journaling in that time and I think that’s why I’ve been successful so far. I’m still struggling to get back into fanfiction, so being able to put something down in a journal every day has been good to keep me writing without the pressure of publishing something.

I’m working on getting past my…hold up…on the fanfiction front. I have written some stuff over the last few months, but haven’t finished anything. And often, I’ve hated what I wrote. My words felt clunky. Not clean. Especially after I read back through some things I’d written a good while ago. It made me think, “gee, I wrote that?” And “how come I can’t write like that anymore?” I haven’t tried to update anything much since I started feeling better. Maybe it was just the burnout? I’m not really sure and it makes me afraid to try, I guess. I think that’s why I like this and the journaling. I just have to be me here. Not try to figure out plot and character and substance and not saying the same thing in the same way for the millionth time.

I’ve been telling myself I just need to get over it. Get into something and start banging stuff out. They say the only page you can’t edit is a blank one, right? And yet… I can’t seem to start, even though I have some ideas floating around. I’ve been pondering some stuff in my head, but haven’t tried to write any of it down. As Janet also noted on Twitter the other day, sometimes you’ve got stuff in your head, so you sit down thinking you’re going to crank out some brilliant stuff and you just..don’t. (Yes, Janet says lots of smart things I’ll be quoting. Also, you should be reading her blog.) I’ve been in that space a lot lately. I keep thinking I’m going to crank out something awesome, but then it just doesn’t come through. I’m still pondering how to get past that. If anyone has suggestions, please feel free to let me know in the comments.

How are your New Year’s challenges going? Making progress? Or have you called it on account of rain? Please share in the comments!


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