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Writing Tools – Index Card for iOS

First, let me say the writing every day thing is hard….and it’s only been a few days… 🙂

Yesterday’s writing amounted to jotting down some ideas for future blog posts and thinking through some possible plot points for my fanfiction. Today I hope to make up for it with this and some actual writing on my fanfiction (instead of just thinking about it).

My note-taking yesterday prompted the idea of this post. I’m all about cool apps for my iPhone, so I was excited to see one that might help me organize my writing. I’ve tried about a zillion different ways, but none of them have been exactly what I wanted. This one is shaping up to be The One. I hope…

The app is called Index Card. There are versions for iPhone and iPad (sorry Android folks) and so far, I am loving it. Basically, it’s meant to emulate index cards on a cork board (although you can change up to a plain background). You create a project (ex. Blog Posts) then create cards underneath with a title, a synopsis, then a larger notes section. It’s got plenty of export and backup tools to allow you to edit anywhere, as well as integration with Scrivener. 

So far, I’ve been using it to keep track of possible plot ideas for my fanfiction, as well as ideas for blog posts. If I’m not sure what I want to do, I can just put in a title to jog my memory. Or, as I flesh things out, I can add more and more notes. With the sync to Dropbox as RTF, I can pull them up even if I don’t have my phone handy (when is does that ever happen?).

I’m finding it’s more easily organized than the random notes I was making in random docs on Google Drive (where I do most of my writing). They can be easily reordered to create a flow and are quickly editable. I’m still doing outlines as needed as a doc on Google, but the bits and bobs of ideas I have seem to work much better on these cards. 


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